November 8, 2023

Storybutton Network Welcomes 'Bedtime History' to Its Family-Friendly Podcast Roster

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S[Charlotte, NC] – [11/8/2023] – Storybutton Network, in a strategic partnership with iHeartMedia, is proud to announce the latest addition to its lineup of children's audio content: 'Bedtime History', the popular educational podcast hosted by Breck Lesueur. This collaboration is part of Storybutton's ongoing commitment to create the world's safest and most engaging kids' podcast network, reaching millions of homes globally. 

Jim Jacob, CEO of Storybutton, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership, "We are delighted to welcome 'Bedtime History' into the Storybutton family. Breck Lesueur's passion for making history accessible and interesting for kids aligns perfectly with our mission to provide wholesome, educational content. This partnership will continue to enhance our network's offerings and contribute to a safe listening experience for children everywhere."

Bedtime History

Bedtime History' is a series of biographical, inspirational, and educational stories for children. Its mission is to ignite young listeners' interest in history and inspire them through tales of individuals who have made a significant impact on the world. By joining the Storybutton Network, 'Bedtime History' will gain access to a broader audience, leveraging Storybutton's unique platform and iHeartMedia's extensive distribution channels.

Storybutton Network

Storybutton Network is dedicated to curating a safe and educational digital environment for kids to explore audio content. This partnership underscores the network's commitment to quality programming and its pledge to uphold the highest safety standards for family-friendly content.

Listeners can look forward to having 'Bedtime History' as part of their Storybutton experience, with its extensive catalog of episodes becoming readily available for streaming. The Storybutton Network and iHeartMedia invite families to join in as they embark on this historical adventure with 'Bedtime History'.

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About Storybutton
Storybutton is the innovator behind the world's leading safe and educational podcast network and podcast audio player for kids. With a focus on creating educational and entertaining safe content, Storybutton, in partnership with iHeartMedia, is dedicated to providing families with an unparalleled audio experience that entertains, educates, and inspires the next generation.

About 'Bedtime History'
Hosted by Breck Lesueur, 'Bedtime History' is a podcast that brings historical figures and events to life in a format that is both engaging and accessible for children. Each episode is crafted to spark curiosity and instill a love of learning about the past.

Storybutton makes it easy to listen to kid podcasts without using a screened device.

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