About Storybutton

We are a small, yet scrappy team who is crazy enough to believe in the magic of audio.

2030 Content Battle

We believe that by 2030, kids will listen to more content than they watch.

Lets make it easier for kids to listen to podcasts

The majority of kids podcasts are played via a screened device (parent's phone or tablet are most common). When we move the listening experience off of screened devices, kids listen more.
Today, if a child has access to a screened device, they are more likely to watch screened content than listen to audio content. When screentime is over and the tablet goes away, so does their access to audio content.

Gen Alpha's creativity and imagination will be the most important skill during their lifetime.

Our Core Values

Let's keep it simple and focus on their creativity & imagination.


Audio stories inspire kids to play out the stories and create their version of the story universe.


We empower educators at schools and homes to enhance learning through story.


Stories are way more fun to listen to together.


Audio content builds a child's imagination to support their future ability to create and inspire.

Meet our team

Jim Jacob

CEO & Founder

Alexa Lewis


Steven Forbis


Chelsea Bowman


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