Great Bedtime Stories Science Stories History Stories Animal Stories STEAM Stories Mystery Stories Make Everything Better.

All these and more,
streaming on Storybutton.

Unlimited Audio Content. No Fees or Subscriptions.

Thousands of audio stories and audiobooks at the touch of our button.

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All these and more, streaming on Storybutton

Storybutton is easy.

“Storybutton brought a fresh sound to my home.”

All Our Content Is Free

If you've seen the other kids audio players, you know how expensive the cards and characters are.

Always Have Access

Speaking of cards and characters, with Storybutton you never have to search your house to find the missing pieces of content.

Easy To Setup

Open the box and connect the device to WiFi. No app to download or account to create.

Reduces Screentime

We know that your kids want to listen to their favorite shows and books all the time. Until now, most families listen by using a screened-device. That ends now.

Increases Imagination & Creativity

When kids have the freedom to explore their imagination, the possibilities are endless. 

What Parents Say About Storybutton


In the Storybutton Carousel, you will find audio dramas, audiobooks, bedtime stories, educational content, historical stories, pets & animal content, and more.

Yes, Storybutton One will prompt you to connect to Wifi (without needing to download an app to your phone). Once its connected to internet, you are ready to listen to as many stores and podcasts as you want!

Storybutton has an internal battery that will remain charged for up to 8 hours of play time.

Yes, Storybutton offers podcasts in both English and Spanish. 

Getting started is easy and simple with Storybutton.

  1. Open the box, plug in your Storybutton to charge, and press the ON button.
  2. You will be asked to connect to WiFi. Using the Scroll/Play button and following the included instructions, select the WiFi Network and input the WiFi Password.
  3. The podcasts will automatically load all available episodes. Press play and let the imagination begin!

The stories are great for kids 4+. Some of the podcasts are geared for 4-6 and others are great for 6-12.

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