Getting Started

Message from the founders

Hey Friends

We're so excited to share the first ever Storybutton with you and are honored that you have invited Storybutton into your home. As parents, we understand how much you care about the content you allow your kids to consume. To ensure that we selected the most trustworthy and safe content available, we established real friendships and relationships wwith the creators of the podcasts available on Storybutton. Each of the creators pour their heart and soul into these fun stories, adventures and episodes to inspire your kids' imaginations. We are committed to earning your trust one story at a time. Now who's ready for a great adventure? Me too, let's go!

Important Information

  • Storybutton requires a stable 2.4GHz WiFi connection for optimal performance. Please ensure that your WiFi network meets this requirement before using Storybutton.
  • Additionally, only 5V chargers are compatible with Storybutton. Please use a compatible charger to avoid any issues with charging or device functionality.
Favoriting Episodes

From the "now playing" screen, press and hold the heart button for 3 seconds until you see the message "stored". This will put that episode into your favorites.

Frozen Screen

If your screen freezes, press and hold the top left and top center buttons at the same time. This will turn off your device, allowing you to turn it back on and resume normal use.


If you need assistance, please connect with our support team at the below link:

Storybutton Support

Setup video with Mr Jim

Watch as you setup for Storybutton for the first time.