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Miles the Brave Podcast Family Trust Review

Miles the Brave Podcast Family Trust Review

Miles the Brave

Summary: Dive into the adventures of Miles, an average kid who embarks on an anything-but-average journey into the heart of the jungle with his scientist parents. When they're unexpectedly separated, Miles stumbles upon an ancient, hidden world beneath the lush canopy—a realm filled with remarkable creatures, new friends and formidable foes. This family podcast is a thrilling exploration of bravery, discovery, and the magic of stepping into the unknown.

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.7/5)

Age Recommendation: 6+ years

Episode Length: ⏳ 10-12 minutes

Listen Here: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Storybutton: All Miles the Brave episodes are available on Storybutton

🔍 Sensitive Topics:

  • Plane Crash: In episode 1, Miles and his parents' plane crashes in the jungle. We quickly discover that their bush pilot crashed the plane on purpose and that the pilot was unknowingly an agent for the Globo TECH, an evil organization who is does not want Miles or his parents poking around the area.
  • Separation: In episode 3, Miles falls into an underworld jungle referred to as the "Lost World" and is separated from his parents. He occasionally is able to speak to them on his walkie talkie watch, but does not find his mom until the end of Season 2, and his dad in Season 3.
  • Language: Agent 11 refers to the kids as "brats" twice.

    👪 Parent-Approved Qualities:

    • Finding Bravery: Miles was the type of the kid who did not go on outdoor adventures. He would much rather stay at home and play video games. As we hear him tell the story of how he left behind his old nickname, Miles the Scardy-Cat, listeners are inspired to face their fears head-on!
    • Redemption: In the beginning of Miles the Brave, we are introduced to the character, Drake, who is another agent of Globo TECH. Listeners are surprised to learn that Globo TECH is not good because Drake protects Miles along his journey. Later on, we discover that Drake did not know Globo TECH was bad and does everything he can to eventually help stop them. 

    📝 Final Thoughts: For many, Miles the Brave might be the first scripted podcast they have heard. As all ages have come to love this exciting adventure, you may experience your first audio-binge, where your kids will not want to turn it off until they hear all the episodes. You have been warned!

    Stay tuned for more reviews of the best kids' and family podcasts! Your feedback is important to us, so feel free to leave comments and share your favorite episodes. Happy listening! 🎧✨

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